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By Becoming Our Distributor We Hope That You Bring…

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01 Willingness

  • Trust in AIKO
  • Committed to invest
  • Develop annual business plan
  • Growing together with fellow partners

02 Ability to Sell

  • Targeted customer resources, industrial and commercial or household use
  • Have a sales team of 3 or more people

03 Warehousing Capacity

  • Expansion area has its own warehousing, logistics and distribution capabilities or partners
  • Have your own logistics team or a stable third party logistics vendor

04 Technical Support Capability

  • Pre-sales and post-sales PV technical team members
  • 1 light/storage technician or more

05 Financial Strength

  • Stocking capabilities
  • Commit to an annual sales target
  • Correspond capital turnover strength

06 Platform Processing Capacity

  • Have business, legal and financial teams
  • Have order and platform processing teams
  • Have At least 1 platform handler
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Becoming AIKO distributor, be part of the
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